Day 6 – PRayer Focus: Youth & Children

The following prayer is adapted from ‘Praying for Young People & Youth Ministry’, a Church of Ireland Youth Dept Resource (p.8)

Let us pray:

Father in heaven,
we pray for the children and young people 
in the Churches of this diocese and in our wider communities. 
We thank you that you created each one of them lovingly and carefully and that you know each of them intimately. 
Help us to always see them through your eyes. 
We pray that they would come to know you Lord Christ as the Rock, the one who supports their faith and their actions, so they fear neither wind nor flood. 
We ask it in your name.

A Prayer for use with children from ‘Family Time’, 
a book of family devotions produced by Down and Dromore Youth and Children’s Department:

God, nothing can make us happier than knowing you.  
Help us to know you more every day, 
so we can become happier in every way.

Prayer Points:
* For children and young people asking searching questions about faith in a time of global crisis
* For Youth and Children’s Pastors as they seek to resource the young members of our Churches
* For School communities around the Diocese as they seek to continue to equip children and young people with educational resources
* For the burning fire of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Children and Young People, that they may be salt and light to their peers and to their families

* Light a candle as a reminder that Jesus is the Light of the World
* Ask each person to say one thing for which they are thankful
* Ask each person to ask God to bless one person they know
* Ask each person to ask God for one thing for themselves
* Say a prayer together (perhaps the Lord’s Prayer)