Alpha & Just 10

Whilst we normally run Alpha each Autumn  in 2019 we will be running the “Just 10” course by J. John, looking at the Ten Commandments on Sunday evenings.

(and will be held in St. Patrick’s, Millisle)

The next Alpha will be run in autumn 2020, watch this space for more details and we hope to see you at Just 10, the programme for which is below:

  • Sun 15th Sept, 6.30pm – Week 1: How to Find contentment
  • Sun 22nd Sept, 6.30pm – Week 2: How to Hold to the Truth
  • Sun 29th Sept, 6.30pm – Week 3: How to Prosper with a Clear Conscience
  • Sun 6th Oct, 6.30pm – Week 4: How to ‘Affair-Proof’ your Relationships
  • Sun 13th Oct, 6.30pm – Week 5: How to Manage Your Anger
  • Sun 20th Oct, 6.30pm – Week 6: How to Keep the Peace with your Parents
  • Sun 27th Oct, 6.30pm – Week 7: How to Catch your Breath
  • Sun 3rd Nov, 6.30pm – Week 8: How to Take God Seriously
  • Sun 10th Nov, 6.30pm – Week 9: How to Know God
  • Sun 17th Nov, 6.30pm – Week 10: How to Live by Priorities